The Nordic Air

Identity design and Shopify website for a fashion startup.

Nordic identity design and Shopify website

The Nordic Air needed a strong visual identity and a website to get started (disclosure: I was one of the founders).

Identity design

The logo symbol is based on traditional Norwegian knitting patterns, while the typography takes cues from ski brands of the past.

Mockup of the Nordic Air Logo on a sign. Photo

A mockup of the logo on a nice wooden sign.

Visual identity guidelines. Photo.

The Nordic Air colour palette.

Creating for Shopify

This was my first website created for Shopify. Coming from Wordpress, the learning curve was quite steep because of the different templating language used. I chose one of the free templates to start with, and tweaked it to look the way we wanted.

The Nordic Air website showing a post. Photo.

A post on The Nordic Air's Shopify website.

The Nordic Air website on a mobile phone. Photo.

Designed for mobile, with expressive typography.