New website for a performing arts production and educational institution.

User-centered design takes load off administration

Kulta needed a website that could help communicate clearly what they’re about and what they offer.

It was also important to reduce the number of similar calls and emails to the administration. Also, Kulta needed to be able to do all content updates themselves.

The main call to action is “Become a performing artist”, and the button sends them to a page detailing the offering and where to go to sign up.

Kulta website desktop version. Photo

A short intro text lets the visitor know exactly what to do next.

For existing participants, we placed a visible link to the sign-in system just below the intro content.

Less calls, more time.

Kulta launched the new websites just before the busy autumn sign-up period.

The result was a decrease in calls, giving more time to focus on other important things. Answering emails also became easier because they can direct people to the new FAQ-page, which gets updated as more common questions are revealed.

Kulta website contact page. Photo

Many visitors are looking for the phone number. Here it is.

The site is built using Wordpress and the Genesis Framework.