Hello, I'm Eivind

I design and build websites that help your visitors do what they've come for—while communicating your personality in elegant ways.

I am a norwegian graphic designer with a strong interest in typography and communication on the web.

I combine my background from identity design and print layouts with my interest in coding and user experience to help people achieve their goals on the web.

I work with websites on Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace and Jekyll.

This is me, Eivind Bårdsen. Photo.

This is me.

Where I’m from

I grew up in Tromsø in the north of Norway. City of the midnight sun, the northern lights and a starting point for arctic expeditions.

Rather than going north, I travelled to Australia to get a degree in communication and design at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

I then spent several years in a design/advertising agency doing visual identities, print, communication campaigns, websites and user interface design.

I’ve worked with clients in industries ranging from international oil and satelite software to charities and sports.

Now I live in Montpellier in the south of France with my family. I help people design effective websites and identities—directly and through design agencies. I mostly work with clients in other cities and countries.

How I work

Creating for the user

I’m very interested in user centric design—creating user experiences and design based on your customers’ needs.

I think every decision about content, design and structure should be based on the question does this help our user do what they’re here for?

This leads to straight-forward communication that helps you say what you need to say as soon and as quickly as needed—just like your user wants you to.

Mobile first

Many, if not most, will visit your website on their phones or other small devices. It’s business critical to design for this user experience. That’s why I always advocate designing for mobile first.

Also, creating for the small screen has the added benefit of forcing us to really prioritise what’s important.

Once it works on the small screen, we can scale up the content for larger devices.

Typography and the web

My work always revolves around typography. In print, I set precise grids and spacing that allows the type to come forward as the main element. And now, thanks to the evolving nature of the web, that same fine-tuning can be applied there.

Visually, I see typography as the foundation for everything. After all, it’s what decides if your text is easy to read or not and has a big influence on the persuasiveness of your content.

Type and white space are already on your page by necessity, both in the content and the interface. These elements can be modified to optimize readability and give clues about your personality.

Including you, the client

You know more about your business than I do. You know your challenges and opportunities, and why you want a new or improved website.

That’s why I’ll always include you in the whole process. It goes someting like this:

  1. Discovery. The who, what and why of you, your customers and your website.
  2. Wireframes. Rough sketches that lets us map out—and change around—content and test with your customers and stakeholders.
  3. Style tiles. The elements on your website in high definition.
  4. Build. Using your platform of choice.
  5. And beyond. Setup analytics, tell search engines you exist, tweak based on user feedback.

Have a look at my work or let me know if you have any questions.

Let's do something together

Do you need help with a new website, a redesign or to fix up your web typography?

Read more about how I work, or simply get in touch. I look forward to hear from you!